Notice on Printing and Distributing the Standards for Expenses for International Conference and Financial Management Measures in China

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Finance [2012] on the 1st

The relevant departments of the CPC Central Committee, the ministries and commissions under the State Council, the organs directly under the State Council, the General Office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the General Office of the CPPCC, the Supreme People's Court,

    In order to standardize and strengthen the financial management of international conferences in China, and improve the effectiveness of the use of funds, we have formulated the "cost of hosting international meetings in China, expenditure standards and financial management methods," Is hereby issued to you, please carefully follow.

    Annex: Expenditure Standards and Financial Management Measures for International Conferences in China

    Ministry of Finance

January 19, 2012



International Conference on Expenditure Standards and Financial Management Measures

    Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 These Measures are formulated in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations in order to regulate and strengthen the financial management of international conferences and improve the efficiency of the use of funds.

Article 2 These Measures shall be applicable to the meetings of the central government departments and foreign relevant organizations, organizations or institutions jointly organized or entrusted by the central authorities to host annual meetings, regular meetings and other meetings with international issues as the main contents and apply for central financial appropriations (hereinafter referred to as international meeting).

Article 3 In accordance with the number of the official representatives of the Conference (excluding staff members, the same below), there are three types of international conferences held in China: the official representatives of more than 300 people, large international conferences; , 300 or less (including 300), for the medium-sized international conference; the official representative of the meeting in less than 100 people (including 100 people), for small international conferences.

    Article 4 The following principles shall be followed in the financial management of international conferences held in China:

(1) Strive for strict and strict expenditure. Conference organizers should be in the spirit of "thrift do foreign affairs" principle, scientific, standardized and reasonable preparation and declaration of international conference budget, strict control of meeting specifications, efforts to reduce the scale of the meeting, earnestly implement the cost of expenditure standards, Pragmatic and efficient.

(B) with reference to practice, standardized management. According to international practice, not for the conference delegates with daily necessities, do not organize public funds to visit, visit, etc., shall not be held by the name of the international conference to local governments or enterprises to apportion or disguised assessed meeting costs.

(C) a separate accounting, earmarked. International conference funds should be included in the financial management unit, a separate accounting. Large-scale international conference should be set up specifically for the meeting of the interim financial institutions, the organization of small and medium-sized international conference should also be equipped with full-time financial staff.

Article 5 Where an international conference to be held in China is required to be submitted to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for approval, the sources of funding shall be specified in the examination and approval documents of the meeting. For applications involving central financial appropriations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall sign the Ministry of Finance before submitting the approval. .

Article 6 An international conference to be held in China shall be subject to the departmental budget management procedures, and the conference organizer shall prepare a detailed budget for the meeting after submitting the relevant approval procedures to the Ministry of Finance for examination and approval.

Article 7 If the funds for the international conference to be held in China are fully borne by our party or shared by all the participating parties, the budget shall be formulated in accordance with the unified standards of the conference, and the funds borne by us shall be included in the departmental budget management. Departments in their own approval of the international conference held in China the necessary funds in the department budget swap, the Ministry of Finance no longer arrange the budget.

Article VIII In addition to special circumstances reported to the approval, the number of staff of the International Conference control the number of the official representative of the meeting within 10% of the staff of the meeting shall not exceed 50% of the staff meeting.

Chapter II Conference Revenue Management

Article 9 The income of an international conference held in China mainly includes:

(1) Conference registration fee income refers to the fee charged by conference organizers for conference expenses in accordance with international practice.

(2) The special fund of international organizations means the special fund appropriated by the international organization to the organizer of the conference. Conference organizers should actively apply for special funds to international organizations.

(3) The central financial appropriation refers to the amount of subsidy for international meetings held in China in the event of non-conference registration fees and special subsidies from international organizations, or income from conference registration fees and special subsidies from international organizations that can not cover meeting expenses .

(4) Sponsorship income refers to the incomes from institutions or departments, enterprises and individuals, both inside and outside China, who have voluntarily and freely provided funds or materials to international conferences.

(5) Other income refers to the income from exhibitions, exhibitions, advertisements, travel agencies and so on when convening an international conference.

Article 10 All incomes from international conferences held in China must be integrated into budget management and accounted for separately.

Article 11 The sponsorship materials and the office supplies and consumable materials purchased during the conference shall be strictly managed. The acquisition, custody and acceptance of property and materials shall be strictly subject to the approval procedures, and the person in charge shall be assigned responsibility.

Article XII of the International Conference in China to purchase or through the sponsorship of the property and materials, should be 3 months after the end of the meeting to deal with the specific treatment program reported to the Ministry of Finance for approval, property, material disposal income after deducting relevant taxes and fees Turned over to the state treasury. In order to support the meeting, property and material disposal income can be used to cover conference-related expenses.


    Chapter III Expenditure Management

Article 13 An international conference shall be held in accordance with international practice, and no additional obligations shall be imposed. It shall be practiced with economy and practical results, shall be strictly controlled, and efforts shall be made to support the meeting.

Article 14 The expenditure items and standards of the International Conference shall be as follows:

(A) rental of premises. Large, medium and small international conference on behalf of the official representative of the per capita expenditure standards are 100 yuan per day (RMB, the monetary unit the same below), 150 yuan and 200 yuan.

(B) the opening or closing session of a conference Reception (cocktail) costs. The meeting will be formally charged on behalf of the per capita expenditure of 150 yuan (including wine and service charges).

(C) during the meeting staff and accommodation expenses Expenditure standards for 300 yuan per person per day.

(IV) Volunteer working lunch expenses and meal allowance during the meeting. Volunteers only arrange lunch or issue meal allowance, the expenditure standard of 100 yuan per person per day. Volunteers do not arrange accommodation.

(5) Simultaneous interpretation of personnel labor costs and simultaneous interpretation equipment and office equipment rental. Simultaneous interpretation equipment and office equipment rental, meeting the official representative of the per capita expenditure standard of 50 yuan per day.

(6) International travel expenses for overseas simultaneous interpreters. Only assume simultaneous interpretation of international travel by economy class, according to the actual settlement.

(7) Transportation expenses. (25 seats and above) per car per day 1,500 yuan, the bus (25 seats and below) 1,000 yuan per day per day, cars (5 and below), the cost of the car to the venue and venue, 800 yuan per day per vehicle.

(8) other conference expenses. The implementation of comprehensive quota control, the meeting on behalf of the official standard per capita expenditure of 100 yuan per day, expenses include: office supplies, consumable materials acquisition costs, conference documents, conference delegates and staff of the permit fees. Between the above-mentioned expenses can be adjusted to use, in the consolidated quota control within the actual claims.

(9) If there is registration fee income, the Chinese side can bear the accommodation expenses of the officials of the international organizations and the staff of the Secretariat during the meeting.

(10) Other expenditures approved by the Ministry of Finance.

Article 15 The expenses of international and domestic travel (including transportation to and from the airport), accommodation, medical treatment, sightseeing and personal consumption shall be borne by the delegates.

Article 16 In addition to labor costs and overseas international travel expenses, simultaneous interpretation of accommodation, transportation and other expenses, borne by the individual.

Article 17 All expenses of the meeting shall be reimbursed only with the signature of the financial supervisor of the organizer of the conference. All expenditure agreements must be signed by the Treasurer of the Conference Organizer.

Article 18 The International Conference on Appropriation for Central Government Finance shall not be allowed to purchase equipment without the consent of the Ministry of Finance. In addition to meeting venues, meeting the necessary equipment (excluding consumption of materials expenditures), the contractor shall not be outside the commitment to provide any free services.


Article XIX of the International Conference organizers to strengthen the financial management of international conference funds, and strictly implement the conference budget expenditure items, standards and amount, shall not arbitrarily change the purpose of meeting funds, shall not misappropriation, withholding, encroachment meeting funds. To establish tracking and response mechanism for violation of the provisions of the expenditure items and expenses exceeding the cost of the standard, not reimbursed.

Article 20 After the conclusion of a large-scale international conference, the organizer shall, within 3 months, prepare the final accounts of the conference funds, summarize the balance of the expenses of the meeting and submit it to the Ministry of Finance after examination by the competent department. The final accounts shall be true, accurate, complete and clear.

Article 21 After the meeting, the central government appropriation funds, if any, shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Finance and the management of the surplus funds.

Article 22 In accordance with the Regulations on the Punishment and Punishment of Financial Illegal Acts and other relevant regulations, the violators and personnel shall be held accountable for the preparation of false budgets and the acts of interception, misappropriation and appropriation of funds for international conferences.


    Chapter V Supplementary Provisions

Article 23 To organize large-scale international conferences, the organizer shall formulate specific financial and material management measures in accordance with these Measures and report them to the Ministry of Finance for the record.

Article 24 The international conferences organized by local departments shall be carried out with reference to these Measures.

Article 25 The Ministry of Finance shall be responsible for the interpretation of these Measures.

Article 26 The present Measures shall come into force as of the date of promulgation. The provisions of the Measures for the Financial Management of International Meetings held in China (Caiwai Zi [1997] 543) shall be abolished at the same time.