Several Opinions on Constructing New System of Open Economy

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Opening to the outside world is China's basic national policy. At present, the world's multi-polarization, the further development of economic globalization, the profound changes in the international political and economic environment, innovation led the development trend is more obvious. China's reform and opening up is standing on a new starting point, the depth of economic restructuring, the reform to promote economic development into the new normal. Facing the new situation, new challenge and new task, we should co-ordinate the top-level design of the open economy, speed up the construction of a new open economy system, further get rid of the institutional and institutional barriers, make internal and external opening to promote each other, introduce and go out better. Open initiative to win economic development and international competition initiative to open up reform, promote development, promote innovation, building an open economic power, to achieve the "two hundred years" goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to lay a solid Chinese dream basis.


First, the overall requirements of building a new open economy system


Fully implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, insist on making the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of the government, insist on equal emphasis on reform and opening up, Adhere to the integration with the world and maintain the unity of the Chinese characteristics, insist on co-ordinating domestic development and participation in global governance and promote each other, insist on opening up the initiative and safeguarding national security. Take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, and with the implementation of "one area all the way" strategy and national diplomacy strategy closely, scientific layout, selection of the breakthrough and entry point, give play to the advantages of the socialist system, grasp the opening rhythm and order, avoid weaknesses, Act as a guardian of risks, maintain safety, and actively explore new models, new paths and new systems of foreign economic cooperation. The overall objective is to accelerate the development of new advantages in international cooperation and competition, to more actively promote the balance of domestic and foreign demand, import and export balance, the introduction of foreign investment and foreign investment balance, the gradual realization of the basic balance of international payments, the formation of all-round opening new pattern, Open economic governance system and modernization of governance capacity, to establish correct righteousness and benefit outlook in the process of expanding opening up, to safeguard national interests, to ensure national security, to promote common development between China and other countries, and to build a mutually beneficial, balanced and safe and efficient open New economic system.


(A) the establishment of market allocation of resources, the new mechanism. Promote the orderly and free flow of international and domestic factors, efficient global allocation of resources, deep integration of international and domestic markets, and accelerate the reform of the institutional mechanisms related to the open economy, and establish a fair and open, competitive and orderly modern market system.


(B) the formation of a new mode of economic operation and management. In accordance with the requirements of internationalization and the rule of law, we should create a favorable environment for the rule of law, manage and open up according to the law, establish a management system compatible with international high standards of investment and trade, form a mechanism to participate in international macroeconomic policy coordination, and promote continuous improvement of the international economic governance structure. . Promote the legalization of government behavior, market-oriented economic behavior, establish and improve the corporate responsibility to fulfill the main body, the Government in accordance with the law supervision and social participation in the management mechanism to improve the effective opening up to safeguard national interests and security institutional mechanisms.


(C) to form a new pattern of all-round opening up. Adhere to the policy of opening up and opening to the outside world, strengthening the strategy of going global, implementing a more proactive free trade zone strategy, and expanding the open space for economic development. We will continue to implement the strategy of developing the western region, revitalizing the northeastern region, and developing the eastern region. We will focus on implementing the strategy of "all the way along the way", Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Expand the development and opening along the border, forming a new pattern of all-round opening up



(D) the formation of new advantages of international cooperation and competition. Consolidate and expand the traditional advantages, accelerate the development of new competitive advantage. Innovation-driven, quality and efficiency as the core, and vigorously create a competitive and orderly market environment, a transparent and efficient government environment, a fair and just environment for the rule of law and cooperation and win-win human environment, accelerate the development of industry, location, business environment and Rules, standards and other comprehensive competitive advantage, and continuously enhance the ability to innovate and comprehensively enhance the value chain in the global position and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.


Second, the innovation of foreign investment management system


Improve the investment environment, expand the market access of the service industry, further open up the manufacturing industry, stabilize the scale and speed of foreign investment, and improve the quality of foreign investment. Reform of the management of foreign investment approval and industrial guidance, to the pre-entry national treatment plus a negative list of management model changes, and promote institutional innovation and transformation and development zone transformation and upgrading development.


(5) Unify the laws and regulations on foreign investment. The Law on Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Ventures, the Law on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures and the Law on Foreign-Funded Enterprises shall be enacted and new basic laws on foreign capital shall be formulated. The contents of foreign investors and their investment behaviors shall be standardized and guided into the basic laws of foreign capital. For the general contents of the organization form and business activities of a foreign-funded enterprise, which can be regulated by laws and regulations uniformly applicable to all types of market subjects, uniform laws and regulations shall be applied in accordance with the principle of internal and foreign investment. Maintain a stable, transparent and predictable foreign investment policy, and create a standardized institutional environment and a stable market environment.


(F) to promote the national treatment before admission plus a negative list of management models. Improve the system of market access for foreign investment, and explore the management model of foreign investment before the implementation of national treatment and negative list of access. On the basis of doing a good job in risk assessment, the government will focus on liberalizing restrictions on foreign investment in the service sector at various levels and promoting the orderly opening of the service sectors such as finance, education, culture and medical care, and opening up the care and support for the aged, architectural design and accounting Auditing, trade logistics, e-commerce and other service sectors in the field of foreign capital access restrictions, and further liberalization of general manufacturing. In the maintenance of national security under the premise of the transport, telecommunications and other infrastructure and mining and other related fields to gradually reduce the restrictions on foreign investment.


(7) perfecting the supervision system of foreign investment. In accordance with the requirements of expanding opening up and strengthening supervision, it is necessary to strengthen supervision after the event, establish a foreign investment information reporting system and foreign investment information publicity platform, give full play to the role of enterprise credit information publicity system platform, the formation of government information sharing, Supervision and management of foreign investment in order to enhance the scientific, normative and transparency of supervision over foreign investment.



(8) to promote the transformation and upgrading of development zones and innovation and development. Strengthen the national economic and technological development zones, high-tech industrial development zones, special customs supervision areas and provincial development zones and other development zones planning guidance, innovation and development. To play a leading and leading role in the development zone, vigorously develop the advanced manufacturing, productive services and technology services to promote regional industrial upgrading, building collaborative innovation platform to achieve industrial structure, product value, quality, brand, technology, Innovation capacity of the overall upgrade. Promote the development zone green, low-carbon, recycling development, continue to deepen international cooperation in energy conservation and environmental protection. Improve the investment environment, further standardize the administrative management system, improve the decision-making, implementation, supervision and evaluation system to avoid homogeneous competition, and strive to build the zone into an important carrier of regional economic development and implementation of regional development strategies, New system and nurture new vanguard to attract foreign investment, scientific and technological innovation-driven and intensive development of green demonstration area.


Third, the establishment of a new system to promote the strategy of going out


Implementation of the national strategy to go out, strengthen the overall planning and guidance. Establish the dominant position of enterprises and individuals in foreign investment, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of foreign investment, promote the interconnection of infrastructure, promote competitive industries to go out, carry out advanced technology cooperation, enhance the international operation ability of Chinese enterprises, avoid vicious competition and safeguard the overseas investment rights and interests .


(9) to establish and implement a new era of national strategy to go out. We will provide policy support and investment promotion in accordance with the overall plan of national economic and social development and the overall strategy of opening to the outside world, improve the medium and long-term development plans of overseas investment, strengthen the overall planning and guidance of going global. Encourage enterprises to develop long-term international development strategy, taking into account the current and long-term interests, in accordance with the law outside the business. Urging enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, and establish a good image.


(X) to promote the facilitation of overseas investment. Study and formulate regulations on overseas investment. In addition to implementing the principle of independent investment decision-making, self-financing, relaxing restrictions on overseas investment and simplifying the management of overseas investment, except for a few special provisions, overseas investment projects shall be filed. Accelerate the establishment of qualified domestic individual investor system. Strengthen the construction of overseas investment and cooperation information platform.


(11) Innovating the mode of cooperation for foreign investment. Allowing enterprises and individuals to play their own advantages to carry out foreign investment cooperation, allowing the risk to countries and regions contract engineering and labor cooperation projects, allowing innovative ways to go out to carry out greenfield investment, M & A investment, securities investment, joint investment. Encourage powerful enterprises to adopt various means to carry out overseas infrastructure investment and energy resources cooperation. Promote the internationalization of modern service industry such as high-speed railway, nuclear power, aviation, machinery, electric power, telecommunication, metallurgy, building material, light industry and textile, and promote the e-commerce to go out. Actively and steadily push forward foreign agricultural investment cooperation. Support China's major technical standards to go out. Innovation in foreign economic and trade cooperation zone development model, to support the independent construction and management of domestic investment.


(12) sound out of service security system. Speed up the signing of investment agreements with relevant countries and regions, improve the system of consular protection, provide protection of rights and interests, investment promotion, risk early warning and other services to promote foreign investment and cooperation facilitation. To protect the personal and property safety of personnel outside China. Play an intermediary role, foster a number of international design consulting, asset evaluation, credit rating, legal services and other intermediaries.


(13) to introduce and go out organic combination. Promote the introduction of foreign investment and foreign investment in the organic integration, mutual cooperation, and promote regional and mutually beneficial win-win cooperation in industry investment. Give Full Play to Our Advantages and Conditions and Promote the Common Development of Other Countries and Regions. Encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation, project docking, information exchange, human resources development and other aspects of international cooperation. Support local governments and enterprises to attract foreign investment, introduce talents and lead technology, and actively explore the international market. Through various types of investment cooperation mechanism, to share the successful experience of the introduction of China to promote the country to create a favorable investment environment.


Fourth, build a new mechanism for sustainable development of foreign trade



Maintain the traditional advantages of foreign trade, accelerate the development of new advantages of foreign trade competition, and strive to crack the constraints of foreign trade sustainable development and transformation and upgrading of outstanding problems. Improve the competitiveness of trade, improve the level of trade facilitation, improve the import and export promotion system, improve the trade friction response mechanism, vigorously develop trade in services, promote foreign trade quality improvement.


(XIV) Improve the level of trade facilitation. Strengthen the cooperation mechanism of customs clearance, to achieve the relevant departments of port management information exchange, regulatory mutual recognition, law enforcement and mutual assistance. Speed up international trade "single window" construction, the full implementation of the relevant departments of port management, "a joint inspection, a release" and other customs clearance new model. Relying on the electronic port platform, to promote the relevant departments of the port management of the operating system of the horizontal interconnection, the establishment of information sharing sharing mechanism. Explore the port inspection mechanism innovation and port management related departments comprehensive law enforcement pilot. Accelerate the integration of the special customs supervision and optimization. Accelerate the integration of customs clearance reform, and promote customs clearance paperless. With the main trading partners to carry out inspection and quarantine, certification and technical standards and other aspects of the exchange and cooperation and mutual recognition. Strengthen the port inspection and quarantine comprehensive capacity-building, improve product quality and safety risk early warning and rapid response system. Integration and standardization of import and export links of operational services and charges.


(15) Fostering New Competitive Advantages in Foreign Trade. Optimize the market layout and trade structure. Stabilize the traditional advantages of export products, and further promote the quality of winning strategy to enhance the quality of export products, grades and innovative elements of the proportion of large-scale expansion of complete sets of equipment and technology exports. Strengthen the construction of foreign trade credit system, standardize the order of import and export. Encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation and business model innovation, accelerate the development of technology, brand, quality, service as the core of the new advantages of foreign trade competition. Encourage the development of cross-border e-commerce, market procurement, trade and other new trade. Actively solves the technical and policy issues of e-commerce development in China and abroad, strengthens international coordination in standard, payment, logistics, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, taxation, participates in relevant rules formulation, innovates cross-border e-business cooperation mode and integrates foreign retail system , To resolve the relevant trade friction. Optimize the structure of imported goods, encourage the import of advanced technology, key equipment and spare parts, stabilize the import of resource products, and reasonably increase the import of general consumer goods. Cultivate international commodity trading platform. Increase the proportion of general trade and trade in services, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, upgrade the industrial level, improve the quality and added value of processing trade, extend the processing trade chain and increase the value-added rate of processing trade.


(16) Establish and improve the service trade promotion system. Enhance the strategic position of trade in services, strive to expand the scale of trade in services and promote the facilitation and liberalization of trade in services. Encourage the development of producer services trade. Relying on large data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other new technologies to promote the service industry restructuring, nurturing new service format. Innovate the service trade financial service system, and establish a port management and customs cooperation model that is compatible with the service trade. Improve the added value of services in trade in goods, and promote the coordinated development of manufacturing and services, trade in goods and services. Promote the domestic service market to improve the system, standards, norms and regulatory system for professionals and professionals to facilitate cross-border mobile services. We will formulate a standardization system for service industries in line with international standards and strengthen international cooperation in personnel training, mutual recognition of qualifications, standard-setting and other aspects related to trade in services. Promote service outsourcing upgrade, improve service cross-border delivery capacity, build a good service outsourcing model city.


(XVII) the implementation of quality and efficiency oriented foreign trade policy. Support high-tech, high added value, low resource and energy consumption, environmental pollution, industry-related strong foreign trade activities, to achieve foreign trade green low-carbon sustainable development. Further improve the export tax rebate system, optimize the export tax rebate process. Sound export credit insurance system. Strengthen trade risk, exchange rate risk monitoring and analysis, timely release of the relevant risk tips, and guide enterprises to effectively avoid export risks.


(Eighteen) to improve the trade friction response mechanism. Strengthen the central, local, trade associations, business four-body interaction of the comprehensive response mechanism to guide enterprises to do trade friction early warning, consultation, dialogue, consultation, litigation and so on. To resolve disputes, to abuse trade protection measures and discriminatory practices, be good at using rules to negotiate and balance checks and balances. According to the law to carry out trade remedy investigations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of domestic industrial enterprises.


Fifth, optimize the layout of the opening area



We will build a free trade zone based on the coordination of the East and the West, land and sea, and expand open cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and promote a new pattern of regional openness in an all-round way.


(Nineteenth) the construction of a number of free trade pilot park. Deepening the reform and opening-up of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, expanding the service industry and advanced manufacturing industry to open to the outside world, forming a policy support system for promoting investment and innovation, and radiating some open measures to the Pudong New Area, and summing up experience in reforming the pilots. Relying on existing new districts and parks to promote the full implementation of the Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian Free Trade Pilot Program, the Pilot Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Area will be the main part, and the new pilot content will be enriched in combination with local characteristics. In the future, Expand to other places, and promote the implementation of a new round of high level of opening up.


(20) Improve the new mechanism of inland opening. To seize the global industrial re-layout opportunities to inland cities and city groups based on the development zone and industrial clusters as a platform to actively explore the industry to undertake a new path of transfer of innovative processing trade model to focus on processing trade gradient transfer to undertake Relying on the steady promotion of qualified enterprises will machine production, spare parts, raw materials and research and development, settlement and other transfer to the inland areas, the formation of industrial clusters to support the inland city to establish advanced manufacturing center. Encourage regional cooperation to build industrial park, promote the inland trade, investment, technological innovation and coordinated development. To support the inland cities to open international passenger and cargo routes, the development of Jianghai transport, and hot metal, aviation and other multimodal transport, the formation of the Trans-East and West, linking the north and south of the external economic corridor.


(21) Foster new fulcrums along the border. Will focus on the development of open experimental zone along the border, border economic cooperation zone built in China and neighboring countries an important platform for cooperation to speed up the pace of opening along the border. Border ports, border cities, border economic cooperation zones in the personnel exchanges, processing, logistics, tourism and other aspects of the implementation of special methods and policies. According to the relevant provisions of the orderly border economic cooperation zone new, transfer zone and expansion area work. Steady development of cross-border economic cooperation zones, conditions can be combined with planning to start the first Chinese regional infrastructure. Construction of energy resources, import processing base, to carry out the industry for the surrounding market cooperation. Encourage the border areas and neighboring countries to strengthen pragmatic cooperation.


(Twenty-two) to create a new open coastal high ground. The Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea region to play the role of opening up the portal, the construction of a number of services to the country, the world's international metropolis and urban agglomeration, built with greater international influence coastal economic zone. And promote the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Support the development of high-end industries in coastal areas, strengthen scientific and technological research and development, speed up processing and assembly base from the world to the R & D, advanced manufacturing base changes, and promote service industry first try. Relying on the Yangtze golden waterway, promote the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, build a new support zone of China's economy, the construction of two-way land and sea opening up new corridors.


(XXXIII) to expand the opening of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Macao to play an open platform and demonstration, deepening the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement to accelerate the liberalization of trade in services with Hong Kong and Macao. The construction of a good modern service industry in Shenzhen Qianhai demonstration area, Zhuhai Hengqin New District, Guangzhou Nansha New District. Encourage mainland enterprises and Hong Kong and Macao enterprises to go out together. Support Mainland enterprises to invest in Hong Kong, and combine the investment from overseas industries with Hong Kong's financial capital. Encourage mainland enterprises and Hong Kong and Macao enterprises to jointly set up investment funds, through a variety of ways to carry out investment and cooperation. And promote Macao's economic diversification. Promote cross-strait economic relations normalization, institutionalization, liberalization, and gradually improve cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism. And strengthen cross-strait industrial cooperation, two-way trade and investment and facilitation. Give full play to the west side of the Straits economic zone, Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone, Kunshan deepen the two sides of the pilot industrial cooperation zone pilot role. Deepen and expand cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan universities, research institutes, enterprises, scientific and technological research and development and innovation and entrepreneurship.


Sixth, speed up the implementation of "along the way" strategy


To carry out the strategy of "all the way along the way", with policy communication, facilities unimpeded, trade unblocked, financial intermediation and people's interlinked as the main content, promote all-round cooperation with the countries along the line, build interest community, destiny community and responsibility community, deepen and multi- Economic and trade cooperation, and promote China's development along the border and inland areas.


(24) to promote interoperability of infrastructure. Speed up the formation of an international channel to build Unicom inside and outside, safe and smooth integrated transport network, improve the transport cooperation platform and mechanism. Consolidate and expand the power transmission, optical cable communications and other cooperation. Deepen energy resources development and channel construction cooperation.


(XXV) Deepening economic and trade cooperation with the countries along the route. Mutual expansion of market opening, deepen the customs, inspection and quarantine, standards, certification, transit transport and other all-round cooperation, nurture and expand the characteristics of the advantages of industries, to promote China's large complete sets of equipment, technology, standards and cooperation along the country. Increase the import of non-resource products, and promote trade balance. Promote enterprises in the countries along the country to set up warehousing logistics base and distribution center, improve the regional marketing network. Strengthen cooperation with the countries along the industrial investment, build a number of economic and trade cooperation in the park, along the country to increase employment, improve people's livelihood. To encourage the development of e-commerce for the countries along the line, and promote multilateral cooperation in e-commerce.


(Twenty-six) close technological and cultural exchanges. Expand the scale of study with the countries along the line, encourage the strength of colleges and universities to go out of school, to carry out overseas education cooperation. Promote international health cooperation. Strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with the country along the way, take a variety of ways to jointly carry out major scientific research. To promote synergy between industry, academia and research, the key economic and trade cooperation projects and technological and cultural exchanges closely together. To promote cultural exchanges and exchanges with the countries along the line, the arts festival and other activities to support countries along the international bid to host major international events, along with national tourism investment and cooperation to jointly build the Silk Road with the characteristics of the international boutique tourist routes and tourism product.


(XXVII) Actively promote marine economic cooperation. Vigorously develop the marine economy, the development of marine economic development policies and regulations. Properly handle disputes and differences, and establish maritime economic cooperation and joint development mechanism. To strengthen international cooperation in offshore fishing.


(28) Solidly promote the construction of the economic corridors of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. CMB, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar two economic corridors and promote "along the way" building closely related to further deepen the study, to promote cooperation. And actively explore the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor under the framework of the Quartet cooperation model, the development of economic corridor pragmatic cooperation plan, launched a number of easy to operate, quick early harvest project. Jointly promote the preparation of China and Pakistan economic corridor construction vision, to guide our enterprises in order to participate in construction activities.


Seven, expand international economic cooperation new space


Consolidate and strengthen the multilateral trading system, speed up the implementation of the strategy of free trade zone, actively participate in global economic governance, participators and leaders of international economic and trade rules, expand international cooperation and exchanges, and strive to form a mutually beneficial cooperation network.



(XXIX) Adhere to the rules of the world trading system. Maintain the multilateral trade system in the global trade and investment liberalization in the main channel status, adhere to the balanced, Pratt & Whitney, win-win principle, against trade and investment protectionism. Actively implement the "Bali package" agreement, to promote the work plan for the development of Bali, for the early completion of the Doha Round negotiations. To promote the expansion of the Agreement on Information Technology and negotiations on the Agreement on Environmental Products and to promote China's accession to the Agreement on Government Procurement. Support the WTO to continue to strengthen the trade policy oversight mechanism, improve the dispute settlement mechanism. And further strengthen trade policy compliance.


(30) to establish a high standard of free trade area network. Speed up the implementation of the strategy of free trade zone, insist classification policy, intensive, and gradually build a foothold around the radiation "along the way", the global high-standard free trade area network, and actively expand the service industry, accelerate environmental protection, investment protection, Procurement, e-commerce and other new issues negotiations, and actively promote international innovation and cooperation. ASEAN Free Trade Area and promote the negotiation and construction of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA), and steadily push forward the construction of China-EU Free Trade Area and the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area, and make timely and timely efforts to build up China-South Korea Free Trade Area (CAFTA) To start negotiations with other economic and trade partners in free trade agreements.


(31) Actively participate in global economic governance. Promote the reform of the global economic governance system and support the United Nations, the Group of Twenty and other global economic governance play a major role in the platform to promote the BRIC cooperation mechanism to play a role in raising the emerging markets and developing countries in the global economic governance and voice . Fully participate in the reform of the international economic system and the formulation of rules on the global issues, take the initiative to put forward new ideas, new initiatives and new action programs to enhance China's international trade rules and standards in the development of the right to speak.


(32) to build more bilateral and all-round economic and trade cooperation in the new pattern. Adhere to the correct righteousness and interest, Hongyi and financial interests, according to local conditions, pragmatic cooperation. Deepen the EU-China multi-sectoral cooperation, push forward the negotiations on the China-US and China-EU investment agreements, and coordinate the domestic reform and opening-up process. And promote Sino-Russian economic and trade relations by leaps and bounds. Deepen cooperation with developing countries. Strengthen and "along the way" along the country's macro-policy communication and coordination. Improve the regional and sub-regional cooperation mechanism, play the APEC, ASEM, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, strengthen the cooperation mechanism of Central Africa, China and Arab, and Latin America. And promote sub-regional cooperation in the Greater Mekong, Central Asia, Tumen River and Pan-Beibu Gulf. Multi-bilateral cooperation mechanism to strengthen co-ordination, improve efficiency, and practical results.


(Xxxiii) Establish a new mechanism for international economic and trade negotiations. We should pay close attention to the establishment of an orderly, scientific and efficient, coordinated and effective mechanism to implement effective negotiations. Ordinate resources and bargaining chips, scientific decision-making negotiation program, optimize the negotiation process. Strengthen the negotiation program implementation, supervision and negotiation performance evaluation, improve the strength and effectiveness of foreign negotiations. We should give full play to the positive role of the mechanism for coordinating the deliberations and improve the authorization and approval system for international economic and trade negotiations.


Building an open and safe financial system


Enhance the level of opening up the financial sector, steadily push forward the internationalization of the RMB, expand the scope, mode and scale of RMB cross-border use, and accelerate the realization of convertibility of RMB capital account.


(34) to expand the financial sector open. On the basis of continuous assessment, sound prudential supervision and effective risk control, the securities industry shares should be relaxed in order, and the banking industry should be opened to the outside in order to form a fair, orderly and benign financial ecological environment. To enhance the internationalization of financial institutions, encourage financial institutions to prudently carry out cross-border mergers and acquisitions, improve the network of overseas branches, enhance the level of financial services, and strengthen international cooperation in payment and market infrastructure. Establish and improve the international financial cooperation mechanism to support the development of scientific and technological innovation.


(35) to promote the two-way and orderly opening of the capital market. Actively and steadily push forward convertibility of RMB capital account. To facilitate cross-border investment and financing of domestic and foreign entities. Expand the futures market to open to the outside world, and allow foreign institutions that meet the specified conditions to engage in futures trading of specific varieties. Study on the participation of domestic banks, securities companies and other financial institutions and enterprises in the overseas financial derivatives market under the premise of having real trade and investment background. Under the premise of controllable risks, the study will gradually open the financial derivatives market.



(36) to establish a financial support system to go out. The construction of policy-oriented financial and commercial financial combination of overseas investment financial support system to promote the financial capital and industrial capital joint out. Improve the overseas investment and financing mechanism, explore the establishment of foreign equity assets in the domestic transaction financing platform for enterprises to provide "external insurance internal loan" financing. The development of various forms of overseas investment funds to promote the Silk Road Fund, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the BRIC countries, the establishment and effective operation of new development banks to build Shanghai Cooperation Organization financing institutions. We should make good use of the international cooperation mechanism of investment and financing, select the key points, and actively promote cooperation with the "along the way" along the country.


(37) to expand cross-border use of RMB. Promote the Asian monetary stability system, investment and financing system and credit system. Promote the exchange of local currency cooperation, to further expand the scale of the current account settlement of RMB to support multinational enterprise groups to carry out centralized operations of RMB funds. In the foreign-related economic management, accounting and statistics used as the main denomination of RMB currency. Speed up the RMB cross-border payment system construction, and further improve the RMB global clearing system. To further expand the RMB export channels, to encourage the use of RMB to foreign loans and investment. To build a regional RMB bond market, to further facilitate foreign institutions to invest in the domestic bond market, to support offshore institutions in the issuance of RMB debt financing instruments, and steadily promote the domestic financial institutions and enterprises to issue RMB bonds overseas. We will support the innovation of renminbi-denominated financial products in the offshore market, speed up the construction of RMB offshore market and expand the offshore circulation of RMB.


(38) to improve the exchange rate formation mechanism and foreign exchange management system. Orderly expansion of the RMB exchange rate floating range, and enhance the RMB exchange rate two-way floating elasticity. We will deepen the reform of the foreign exchange management system, further facilitate the use of foreign exchange by market players, and promote the reform of foreign exchange capital settlement of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the principle of negative list. Innovate the use of foreign exchange reserves, and diversify the use of channels.


9. To build a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment


Strengthen the opening up of the rule of law, adhere to open in accordance with the law, and vigorously cultivate open the main body, give full play to the role of trade associations, chambers of commerce, efforts to build a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment.


(Thirty-nine) to strengthen open economic rule of law. Adapt to the situation of deepening the opening to the outside world, improve foreign-related laws and regulations system, a major opening to the legal basis, to create a standardized environment for the rule of law. Play the leading role of the rule of law and promote the formation of high standards of trade and investment rules system. To protect property rights, maintain contracts, unified market, equal exchange, fair competition, effective supervision as the basic direction, to promote internal and external opening up legislation, law enforcement and judicial construction. Actively participate in international economic and trade legal exchanges. Strengthen legal services, and safeguard the legitimate economic rights and interests of citizens, legal persons overseas and foreign citizens and legal persons in China.


(40) to cultivate an open main body. We will improve the supervision system for the opening-up of state-owned capital, actively develop mixed-ownership economy, encourage all types of enterprises to play their own advantages, and participate in international industrial division of labor. Support domestic enterprises to absorb advanced production factors, cultivate international famous brands, enhance participation in the global value chain breadth and depth, the formation of a number of international reputation and influence of multinational corporations. To encourage domestic enterprises to establish overseas production and processing and integrated service system, in the global allocation of resources, develop new markets, expand enterprise development new space.


(41) to optimize the market competition environment. The establishment of a unified and open, competitive and orderly market system and regulatory rules. Speed up the transformation of government functions, improve the economic management system and operational mechanism, and gradually establish a power list system to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and anti-monopoly system, improve the integrity of the whole society, clean up obstacles to the national market and fair competition rules and practices, Ensure that all types of enterprises in accordance with the law of equal use of factors of production, open and fair and equitable participation in market competition, are equally protected by law.


(42) to improve the technological innovation environment. Accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, and actively integrate into the global innovation network, comprehensively improve the level of international cooperation in science and technology innovation, more and better use of global innovation resources. We will make efforts to build a technology innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, market orientation, production and research as a whole, perfect the incentive mechanism for technological innovation, support enterprises to participate in global innovation resource allocation, and improve the capability of independent innovation in open cooperation. Improve the introduction of digestion and absorption of re-innovation mechanism to encourage enterprises to strengthen international R & D cooperation to speed up the development of new technology and new product research and development applications. Actively participate in international major scientific programs and projects, and carry out international scientific and technological cooperation at multiple levels, in various fields and in various forms.


(Forty-three) to play the role of trade associations associations. Give full play to trade associations in the formulation of technical standards, standardize the industry order, open up the international market, trade frictions and other aspects of the positive role in improving the organization and coordination of trade associations, industry self-management capacity. Adhere to the socialization of trade associations, trade-oriented reform direction, to promote the trade association of trade associations to shift the focus of the work for the enterprise, industry, market services. Support Association Chamber of Commerce to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international industry organizations, building an international service platform, reform the internal management system and incentive mechanisms to enhance the capacity for sustainable development. Strengthening the Construction of Chambers of Overseas Chinese Enterprises Association.


X. Strengthen the construction of supporting and safeguarding mechanisms


We should cultivate qualified personnel to meet the requirements of the new system of open economy, perfect channels for foreign exchange, do well humanistic communication and publicity, and further perfect support and safeguard measures.


(44) to implement an open talent policy. Strengthen personnel training, build a scientific and effective selection and employment mechanism, fully gather international human resources. Improve the system of permanent residence for foreigners, and create a good working and living environment for attracting overseas high-level talents. Support and recommend talents to work in international organizations. Actively explore international and regional recognition of professional qualifications. Encourage and support the socialization of professional teams to accelerate the development of international cooperation and make better use of social resources for international cooperation.


(Forty-five) to create a strategic think tank of opening up. We should strengthen the construction of new type think tanks with Chinese characteristics, give full play to the role of think tanks, enhance the research and exchange of international think tanks, build a think-tank with international vision and strategic awareness, and enhance the strategic planning level and international economic and trade cooperation services. To strengthen the relevant national, regional and key areas of cooperation, prospective study for our government and enterprises to provide policy advice and intellectual support.


(46) to do a good cultural exchanges and external publicity. Adhere to advancing with the times, strengthen the international communication capacity-building, promote Chinese culture to go out, in the opening up to protect cultural and educational security. Comprehensive use of international and domestic resources, training to create more outstanding international talent. Boao Forum for Asia, deepening cooperation with the World Economic Forum, the use of international platform to issue Chinese voice, deepen the world and China mutual understanding and trust. And make friends with political parties, governments, enterprises, civil society organizations, academia and media in the world. Encouragement to go out Enterprises in a variety of ways to train local technical personnel, increasing trust and doubt, to promote common feelings, cohesion and strength, and create in my favorable international public opinion and external development environment.


11, establish and improve the open economy security system


We should vigorously strengthen the security work of opening to the outside world and, at the same time of expanding opening up, maintain the core interests of our country, establish a comprehensive and scientific and efficient open economy security system, perfect the system mechanism, effectively control the risk, and effectively enhance the ability to safeguard national security .


(47) to improve the national security review mechanism for foreign investment. We will improve the legal system for the national security review of foreign investment and formulate the national security review regulations for foreign investment. And establish a national security review system for foreign investment that is compatible with the negative list management model. Improve the scope of national security review, to strengthen supervision after the event, give full play to the role of social supervision, to ensure that security review measures implemented.


(48) to establish a risk prevention and control system to go out. Comprehensive use of economic, diplomatic, legal and other means to regulate the go out of order, to prevent herd, vicious competition, safeguarding the national image, and promote me to go out to become the correct righteousness of the conscious practitioners. Strengthen the construction of risk prevention and control system for overseas risks, and enhance the quality and level of foreign investment cooperation. Strengthen the supervision and management of the state-owned and state holding enterprises to go out of business activities, strengthen the audit, improve the performance evaluation of foreign enterprises and accountability system to ensure the safety and effectiveness of state-owned capital to prevent the loss of state assets, to prevent the embezzlement of state- The act of an asset.


(49) to build economic and trade security system. Accelerate export control legislation, accelerate the construction and implementation of scientific and orderly operation, implement a strong export control system, improve export control licensing and investigation and enforcement mechanisms, and actively participate in export control multilateral rule-making. And further strengthen and improve the industrial safety early warning mechanism.


(50) Sound financial risk prevention and control system. Adhere to both the facilitation and prevention of risks, the formation of cross-border financial regulatory system to adapt to the needs of opening up and improve the macro-prudential management framework for external debt and capital flow management system, improve systemic risk monitoring and early warning, assessment and disposal mechanisms and market stabilization, Speculative capital flows and cross-border financial derivatives transactions to monitor, prevent and defuse financial risks. Innovate the international preferential loan use pattern, make good use of international commercial loans, and promote the form of external debt diversification. Sound out of the financial regulatory system. We will strengthen the international exchange and cooperation mechanism for financial supervision, prevent crises and maintain regional financial stability.


All localities and departments from a global and strategic height, a profound understanding of the significance of building a new system of open economy, thinking and action will be unified to the CPC Central Committee and State Council's decision to deploy up to meet the requirements of building a new open economy system, Of the leadership, the implementation of work responsibilities, improve the working mechanism, meticulous organization and implementation. We should strengthen our research on the issue of open strategy, innovate working methods, sum up experiences in a timely manner, earnestly study and solve new problems and problems encountered in building a new open economy system, and constantly open up a new level of opening up to a high level.


The CPC Central Committee and the State Council

September 18, 2015