Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Appropriately Reducing the Rate of Maternity Insurance

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Finance Bureau of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government:


According to the spirit of "timely and appropriate reduction of social insurance rate" put forward by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, according to the actual situation of the maternity insurance fund, with the consent of the State Council, since October 1, 2015, when the balance of the maternity insurance fund exceeds reasonable The rate of maternity insurance is reduced in the balance. The relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:


    First, unify our thinking, raise awareness, and ensure that policies are implemented

Since the establishment of the maternity insurance system, it has played an important role in promoting the equal employment of women, balancing the burden of employing units and safeguarding the rights and interests of female workers. But there are also problems such as unbalanced regional development, high fund balance and non-standard payment. Reducing the maternity insurance rate in areas with large fund balances is a major measure to improve the maternity insurance policy and improve the efficiency of fund use. It is also a concrete manifestation of further easing the burden on employers, promoting employment stability and implementing active fiscal policies. All localities should unify their thinking, fully understand the importance of reducing the rate of maternity insurance, to ensure that policies in place in time to achieve results.


    Second, careful calculation, lower rates, control fund balances

    The reasonable balance of the maternity insurance fund is equivalent to 6 to 9 months of treatment payments. Based on the fund balances and balances of the previous year and the treatment items and standards stipulated by the state, all localities shall control the accumulated balance of the maternity insurance fund in the overall region by adjusting the rates, while ensuring that the maternity insurance benefits are put in place. Reasonable level. Maternity insurance fund cumulative balance of more than 9 months of the co-ordinating areas, maternity insurance fund rates should be adjusted to the employer's total wages within 0.5%, the specific rates should be in accordance with the "support payments, balance of payments" According to the income and expenditure balance of the maternity insurance fund in recent years.

    All localities should strengthen the monitoring and management of the maternity insurance fund. Reduce the rate of maternity insurance co-ordinate areas according to the process of adjusting the maternity insurance fund budget, monthly fund monitoring. Fund accumulated balance less than 3 months to pay the amount, to develop early warning programs, and to the overall regional government and provincial human resources, social security, financial sector reports. To improve the overall level, strengthen the management of funds and medical services, standardize maternity insurance treatment, and strive to fund balance. In the maternity insurance fund accumulated balance is insufficient to pay, the region should take the strengthening of expenditure management, temporary subsidies, adjust the rate, etc. to ensure that the Fund balance of payments to ensure that workers insured in accordance with the provisions of maternity insurance benefits.


    Third, strengthen organization and leadership, comprehensively promote the implementation

    All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) human resources and social security, the financial sector to strengthen cooperation and jointly study the implementation of the State Council to reduce maternity insurance rate measures. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) that have implemented provincial-level co-ordination and whose fund balances are over 9 months shall submit the measures for lowering the rate of maternity insurance by the end of September and submit them to the provincial people's government for approval. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) that have not implemented the provincial-level co-ordination shall, before the end of August, formulate measures to reduce the maternity insurance rate in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and guide the co-ordinating areas to formulate implementation plans. To reduce the rate by the end of September before the implementation of the program to ensure that October 1 to reduce the maternity insurance rate to complete the work. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should be the end of September the situation reported to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Finance.

    To strengthen the propaganda work to reduce the rate of maternity insurance to the staff, insured units and workers to clarify the significance of reducing maternity insurance rates, while reducing the burden on employers, employers to mobilize the enthusiasm of the insured, and earnestly safeguard women Legitimate rights and interests of employees. To strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments, do a good job in the birth situation analysis and prediction. Localities in the process of policy adjustment in the new situation, new problems, and timely human resources and Social Security Department, Ministry of Finance to communicate and take effective measures to ensure that the work in place.


Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

Ministry of Finance

July 27, 2015