Notice on the Implementation of the Integrated Reform of Customs Clearance in Special Customs Control Areas and Bonded Supervisory Places

Postdate: 2016-11-09

In order to further promote the reform of customs clearance in the customs area and establish the regional customs clearance mechanism to meet the requirements of bonded processing, bonded logistics and bonded service development, the General Administration of Customs has decided to expand the regional customs integration reform to Customs special supervision area (hereinafter referred to as "special area") and bonded supervision place. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


    I. From the date of the announcement, the customs area customs clearance integration method applies to goods entering and leaving the ports of enterprises in special areas and bonded supervision places.

    Second, according to the actual needs of enterprises, independent choice of port clearance, transit, regional customs clearance of any kind of customs clearance.

    3. Special Zone and Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) The enterprises shall declare to the competent Customs the entry goods that adopt the integrated mode of regional customs clearance. The enterprise may, in accordance with the actual needs of the logistics, choose to carry out inspection in special areas or entry ports, However, customs inspection, except for special requirements.

    Special Zone and Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) Enterprises may use their own mode of transport to transport goods to a special area or bonded logistics center (B type). In case the transshipment is to be diverted to a special area, the imported goods and their means of transport shall comply with the requirements of the customs supervision.

    5, the integration of special regional customs clearance record filing audit, inspection, transshipment diversion, inventory revocation revocation, emergency support and other operations are in accordance with the provisions of the existing regional customs clearance regulations.

    6, bonded logistics center (A), bonded warehouses and export supervision and management of warehouses with reference to the existing regional customs clearance of goods integrated mode of operation.

    Seven, the Customs through the "China Customs Online Service Hall" and the Customs "12360" service hotline, to provide enterprises with customs clearance, manifest status inquiries, such as public consultation difficult services.


Special announcement.


General Administration of Customs

September 29, 2015