Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the Financing Guarantee Industry

Postdate: 2016-11-09

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council,


Financing guarantee is an important means and key link to solve the problem of financing small and micro enterprises and the financing of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It plays an important role in stabilizing growth, adjusting structure and improving people's livelihood. In order to adapt to the reform and transformation requirements of the financing guarantee industry, and accelerate the development of the industry and better serve the overall situation of economic and social development, the following opinions are put forward:


First, the general requirements


(A) the guiding ideology. Fully implement the party's 18th and 18th two, three, four in the spirit of the plenary session, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements to alleviate small micro-enterprises and the "three rural" financing difficult to finance expensive to guide, Development of government-backed financing guarantee and re-guarantee institutions as the basis, targeted to increase the financing guarantee industry policy support as the starting point, to accelerate the development of small micro-enterprises and the "three rural" service financing guarantee industry , To promote public entrepreneurship, Peoples innovation.


(B) the basic principles. First, adhere to policy support and market-oriented combination. For the financing of small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" and other Pratt & Whitney fields, the relationship between economic and social development of the overall financing guarantee business, respect for its quasi-public property, the Government to give strong support; for other financing guarantee business, encourage innovation in accordance with market rules Development, and play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market. Second, adhere to both development and norms. Speed up the construction of rule of law in the industry, promote scientific supervision, and promote the financial guarantee institutions to comply with the business, in strict adherence to the bottom line of risk while reserving space for development; adhere to the development-oriented, standardize and promote development, grasp the standard management and innovation development balance.


(Iii) development goals. We will promote a series of financing guarantee institutions with strong strength and influence, which will form an institutional structure with moderate quantity, reasonable structure, orderly competition and steady operation. We will improve the quality and quantity of financing guarantee institutions. Level re-guarantee institutions to achieve full coverage within three years to study the establishment of the National Financing Guarantee Fund to improve the silver-bank cooperation model, the establishment of a sound business risk diversification mechanism for financing guarantees; small micro-enterprises and "three rural" financing guarantee business grew rapidly, The rate of low-level, small micro-enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee in the number of policy holders within five years to achieve not less than 60% of the target; the introduction of "financing guarantee company management regulations" and supporting rules, the basic form suitable for industry Characteristics of the regulatory system; continue to increase policy support efforts to form a small micro-enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee business-oriented policy support system.


Second, play the role of government support to improve the financing guarantee agency service capabilities


(D) to develop government-backed financing guarantee institutions. To the provincial and prefectural level as the focus, the scientific layout, through the new, holding, equity participation, etc., to develop a number of government-funded mainly main business, business norms, strong, good reputation, influence Support the development of the industry; support focus on small and micro enterprises and services, "three rural", the strength of the financing guarantee institutions to carry out mergers and reorganizations, play a role in capital, finance and insurance, and other financial institutions to support the development of small and medium enterprises, Personnel, risk management, business experience, brand and other aspects of the advantages of doing fine and stronger, leading the industry to develop small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee business as the standard, increase support to support the financing guarantee institutions to expand their business scale.


(5) To strengthen the capacity building of financing guarantee institutions. Financing guarantee institutions is the basis and key to the development of the industry, it is necessary to strengthen its capacity building, in accordance with the inherent requirements of credit intermediaries, good credit management, risk management, take good responsibility to enhance the strength and credibility of doing fine risk management; Industry, the development of Pratt & Whitney Finance, to adapt to the Internet financial and other new financial industry trends, bold innovation, and actively explore for small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" to provide rich products and services to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation; "Advantage and" amplifier "role, to provide value-added services to customers, enhance customer value, the formation of a unique core competitiveness.



Third, play the leading role of the government, and promote the construction of re-guarantee system


(6) to accelerate the development of re-guarantee institutions. To study the establishment of a national financing guarantee fund, to promote the government-led provincial re-guarantee institutions to achieve full coverage, to build a national financing guarantee fund, the provincial re-guarantee institutions, the jurisdiction of the financing guarantee institutions of the three-tier organizational system, effectively spread financing guarantee institutions risk , Play re-guarantee "stabilizer" role.


(7) perfecting the re-guarantee mechanism. Play the role of government policy guidance, research and demonstration of the National Financing Guarantee Fund through equity investment, technical support, etc., to support the development of provincial re-guarantee institutions. In accordance with the principles of government-led, professional management and market operation, the provincial (district, city) people's governments shall promote the re-guarantee institutions of the province as a link of equity investment and re-guarantee business, and establish a unified financing guarantee system; improve the re-guarantee mechanism, The management level of financing guarantee institutions within the jurisdiction and anti-risk ability, unified management requirements and service standards, expand small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee business scale.


(8) To improve and perfect the guarantee mechanism for government financing and provincial re-guarantee institutions. On the government financing guarantee institutions, local people's governments at all levels in conjunction with the actual reduction or cancellation of profit requirements, focusing on small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee business scale and service conditions; on the provincial re-guarantee institutions, Operating principles, not for profit purposes, under the premise of sustainable management, efforts to reduce the financing guarantee and re-guarantee business charges.


Fourth, the Government and the Bank to participate in three parties, to build sustainable business model of silver


(9) To establish a cooperative model in which the three parties, both government and banks, participate together. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to play a role, increase investment, and actively explore for the region's actual cooperation mechanism, to encourage qualified local government guarantee fund, to achieve small micro-enterprises and the "three rural" financing Guarantee the reasonable risk between the government, the banking financial institutions and the financing guarantee institutions; promote the provincial re-guarantee institutions as a platform to cooperate with the banking financial institutions, the banking financial institutions to guarantee the risk of the loan reasonable compensation, And promote the establishment of a sustainable silver bank business cooperation model.


(10) To improve the policy of silver co-operation. In accordance with the policy guidance, the banking financial institutions shall actively expand and deepen the cooperation of banks according to the principles of commercial sustainability, risk prevention and control, active docking and simplification, and in the cooperation framework with provincial re-guarantee institutions, Financing guarantee institutions, in accordance with the principle of market-based, to provide risk-sharing, do not charge or receive margin, improve the magnification, control interest rates floating rate and other preferential conditions; improve performance appraisal and risk accountability mechanism to improve small and micro enterprises and " Agricultural "financing of secured loans to risk tolerance. The risk weight may be appropriately lowered if the banking financial institution does not take risks or only small and micro enterprises that take part of the risks and the "three rural" financing secured loans.


(11) Optimizing the Cooperative Environment for Banks. The China Banking Guarantee Association and the China Banking Association shall, under the guidance of the relevant departments, speed up the work of credit guarantee of the financing guarantee institutions; the banking financial institutions and re-guarantee institutions shall, according to the credit records, differentiate management of the financing guarantee institutions, Improve the level of risk control; banking financial institutions, re-guarantee institutions, financing guarantee institutions should make full use of corporate credit information publicity system to promote the steady development of silver Tam cooperation.


Fifth, the effective implementation of regulatory duties, hold the risk of the bottom line



(12) to speed up the supervision of the rule of law. The Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting on Financing Guarantee Business Supervision should strengthen the system construction, promote the management of financing guarantee companies as soon as possible, improve the financial guarantee supervision and regulation system, intensify supervision and supervision, strengthen the uniformity and authority of regulatory policies Strengthen the industry infrastructure construction, the establishment of a unified industry information reporting and monitoring system to strengthen the key areas and areas of risk monitoring and early warning; the performance of the duties of the regulatory authorities to fulfill their duties; To guide the local people's government to properly handle the risk events; for breach of trust, illegal financing guarantee agencies to establish a dynamic joint disciplinary mechanism.


(XIII) Clear Local Supervision Responsibility. The people's governments of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should attach great importance to supervising and supervising their work, and strengthen the supervision of human resources, material and financial resources, and handle the relationship between development and supervision. At the same time, supervision should be strengthened. Local regulatory authorities to innovate regulatory mechanisms and means to actively explore the implementation of the classification of supervision, and promote regulatory information construction, to strengthen cross-sectoral information sharing and regulatory coordination, improve regulatory effectiveness; for the financing within the jurisdiction of major risk events, Properly handle, resolutely hold the bottom line does not occur regional systemic risk.


(14) to strengthen self-discipline and personnel building. China Financial Guarantee Industry Association should strengthen the self-discipline construction of the industry, and actively assume the management functions of some industries. It plays an important role in industry statistics, institutional credit record management, industry talent cultivation and cultural construction, etc., and provides scientific and rational Personnel training, storage and use of strategic planning, research and development practitioners management system, improve the quality of personnel, promote team building.


Sixth, strengthen cooperation and jointly support the financing guarantee industry development


(15) to implement fiscal and taxation support policies. Implementation of the financing guarantee institutions exempted from business tax and reserve tax deduction and other related policies. Comprehensive use of capital investment, compensation and other means to increase the major service small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" financing guarantee institutions financial support.


(16) to create a favorable environment for development. And further study and improve the relevant accounting standards to ensure the quality of the financial guarantee industry's accounting information; improve the credit guarantee institutions credit records, and into a unified national credit information exchange platform; standardized and orderly financial guarantee institutions access to financial credit information base database , Strengthen the credit management; according to law for the financing guarantee institutions to carry out the (quality) registration, and its debt protection and recovery to provide the necessary assistance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financing guarantee institutions. The people's governments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall continue to carry out clean-up norms for non-financing guarantee companies, strengthen management and establish a long-term mechanism.


All localities and departments concerned should fully understand the importance of accelerating the development of the financing guarantee industry and strengthen coordination to form a joint force. All relevant departments should, in accordance with the requirements of this opinion, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, pay close attention to the development of relevant supporting measures to ensure that the policy measures in place. The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall formulate specific plans to promote the development of the regional financing guarantee industry and organize the implementation as soon as possible.


The State Council

August 7, 2015