Several Opinions on Further Promoting Tourism Investment and Consumption

Postdate: 2016-11-09

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council,


Tourism is a comprehensive industry of China's economic and social development, is an important component of the national economy and modern service industry. Through reform and innovation to promote tourism investment and consumption, to promote the development of modern service industry, increase employment and income, improve people's quality of life, is of great significance. To further promote tourism investment and consumption, with the consent of the State Council, the following observations are made:


First, the implementation of tourism infrastructure to enhance the plan to improve the tourism consumption environment


(A) efforts to improve the tourism consumption soft environment. Establish and improve the quality of tourism products and services standards, standardize the behavior of tourism business services, enhance the hotel hotels, scenic spots, travel agencies and other management services. Vigorously rectify the tourism market order, crack down on false advertising, price fraud, cheating off cheating, ultra-low price vicious competition, illegal "day" and other tourism market ills, further implementation of tourists uncivilized behavior recording system. Improve the handling of tourist complaints and service quality supervision mechanism, improve the exit mechanism of the main tourist market. Deepen the scenic ticket price reform, adjust and improve the price mechanism, standardize price behavior. Vigorously carry forward the civilized travel fashion, and actively carry out tourism volunteer public service, enhance the quality of tourist tourism of civilization.


(B) to improve the urban tourism advisory center and distribution center. According to the actual needs of localities, in the 3A above scenic spots, key rural tourist areas and airports, railway stations, terminals and other construction of tourist information center. Encourage relying on city comprehensive passenger transport hub and road passenger station construction layout reasonable, function perfect tourist distribution center. 2020, to achieve key tourist attractions, tourist cities, tourist routes, full coverage of travel advisory services.


(C) to strengthen the connectivity scenic road and parking lot construction. Increase investment, speed up the city and national highway, provincial highway to A-level scenic road construction. We will strengthen the construction and transportation of transportation facilities between cities and scenic spots, and speed up the seamless connection of road traffic from airports, stations and docks to major scenic spots. Increase the scenic spots and rural tourism point of parking construction efforts.


(D) strengthen the central and western regions of the regional tourist airport construction. Around the national key tourist routes and concentrated contiguous poor areas, to support the local conditions according to actual demand for new or expansion of a number of regional airports, increased to the main source city route. Give full play to market forces, encourage enterprises to develop low-cost air and domestic tourism charter business.


(V) vigorously promote the construction of tourism toilets. To encourage business to build toilets, business toilets, business toilets, with three years the national new, converted 57,000 toilets, improve the water facilities, the implementation of fecal harmless treatment. To 2017 to achieve the national tourist attractions, tourist traffic along the travel distribution center to achieve a sufficient number of all the toilets, clean tasteless, practical free, effective management requirements.


Second, the implementation of tourism investment promotion plan, the new tourism consumer market


(F) to accelerate the construction of self-driving car camp. The development of the national self-driving car camp construction planning and construction of self-driving car camp standards, a clear camp accommodation registration, security and rescue policies to support ethnic minority areas along the Silk Road, the Yangtze River Economic Zone and other key tourist areas to build self-driving car camp. By 2020, encourage and guide the construction of social capital of self-driving car camp about 1000.


(7) to promote cruise tourism industry. Support the establishment of domestic large cruise R & D, design, construction and independent supporting system to encourage qualified domestic shipbuilding enterprises R & D and manufacture of large and medium-sized cruise ships. In accordance with the "national coastal cruise port layout planning program" to further optimize the cruise port layout, formed by the cruise home port, origin port, port of composition composed of reasonable cruise port system, orderly cruise terminal construction. Support eligible enterprises in accordance with the procedures set up bonded warehouse. By 2020, the country built 10 cruise originating port.


(8) nurturing the development of yacht tourism mass consumer market. The development of yacht tourism development guidance, a planned gradual opening up shoreline and waters. Promote yacht berth and other infrastructure construction, clean up and simplify the yacht approval procedures, reduce the access threshold and yacht registration, navigation tourism, parking, maintenance of the overall cost to attract social capital to enter; encourage the development of suitable for mass consumption of small and medium-sized yacht; With the sea, water resources, according to the actual situation of the region to develop yacht wharf construction planning. By 2017, the country built a number of yacht marina and yacht berths, the initial formation of interconnection yacht leisure travel network, nurture the formation of yacht mass consumer market.


(Nine) to develop tourism towns. Promote the construction of new urbanization and the development of modern tourism industry, organic combination, by 2020 to build a number of sightseeing, leisure, vacation, health, shopping and other functions in one of the national characteristics of tourism towns and scenic tourism town.


(10) vigorously develop leisure tourism products. Encourage social capital to vigorously develop hot springs, skiing, coastal, island, mountain, health and other leisure tourism products. Focusing on the existing tourism facilities and tourism resources, the construction of a number of high-level tourism and holiday products to meet the needs of multi-level diversification of the national holiday resort. Accelerate the construction of leisure and holiday zone around the city, encourage urban development of leisure blocks, urban greenways, cycling parks, slow-moving system, expanding urban leisure space. Support key scenic spots and tourist cities to actively develop tourism and entertainment programs to promote the development of theme parks. Relying on the railway network, development and construction of tourism products along the railway.


(11) vigorously develop the tourism equipment manufacturing industry. The tourism equipment into the relevant industry development plan, develop and improve the technical standards of security system. Encourage the development of cruise yachts, large-scale cruise ships, tourist cars, tourism small aircraft, scenic cableway, large-scale recreational facilities and other tourism equipment manufacturing industry. Vigorously cultivate its own brand of leisure, mountain climbing, skiing, diving, camping, adventure and other outdoor supplies. To support domestic enterprises to acquire the conditions of foreign advanced tourism equipment mergers and acquisitions manufacturing enterprises or joint ventures. Encourage enterprises to carry out independent innovation of tourism equipment research and development, according to the regulations to enjoy the state to encourage science and technology innovation policy.


(12) to actively develop the "Internet + tourism." And actively promote the online travel platform enterprise development and expansion, integration of upstream and downstream and parallel enterprise resources, elements and technology, the formation of new tourism eco-circle, to promote "Internet + tourism" cross-industry integration. Support the conditional tourism enterprises to explore the Internet finance to create online third-party payment platform for tourism enterprises, broaden the popularization of mobile payment applications in the tourism industry, and promote the convenience of overseas consumption tax rebates. Strengthen cooperation with Internet companies, financial enterprises, the issuance of real-name system of national tourism card, the implementation of the statutory preferential policies, the implementation of preferential merchant discount. Relaxation of online vacation rental, travel online shopping, online travel car rental platform and other new forms of access permission and operating license system. By 2020, the national 4A level scenic spots and intelligent rural tourism pilot units to achieve free Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), intelligent tour guides, electronic explain, online booking, information push and other functions of the whole coverage, in the country to create 10,000 scenic spots and wisdom Wisdom tourism village.


Third, the implementation of tourism consumption promotion plan, cultivate new consumption hot spots


(XIII) rich to enhance the characteristics of tourism commodities. To promote the mass tourism business commodities, innovation, to encourage market players to develop distinctive tourist souvenirs, rich tourism product types, and enhance the attractiveness of tourists. Foster a number of tourism commodity research and development, production and sales of leading enterprises, increase the old and famous commodities, ethnic tourism promotion of goods. Accelerate the implementation of China's tourism brand promotion projects, the introduction of Chinese tourism products series. Encourage high-quality characteristics of tourism commodities stationed in major ports, airports, docks and other tourist shopping areas and large supermarkets in the city to support online travel merchandise sales. Modest additional duty-free entry port.


(14) to actively develop the elderly tourism. We will speed up the formulation and implementation of the National Program for the Development of Senior Citizens' Travel, standardize the services for senior citizens, and encourage the development of multi-level and diversified old-age tourism products. All localities should increase their support for rural endowment tourism projects, vigorously promote the development of rural old-age tourism, and encourage private capital to use the land owned by farmers collectively to organize non-profit rural endowment institutions. Do a good job of medical insurance in different places medical expenses settlement. Encourage the further development and perfection of suitable for the elderly tourism needs of commercial insurance products.


(15) to support the development of research and travel. The study of travel into the overall quality of student education areas. Support the construction of a number of research and travel base, to encourage all around relying on natural and cultural heritage resources, red tourist attractions, large public facilities, well-known institutions, research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, large farms to carry out research travel activities. Establish and improve the safety of travel research and education mechanism. Travel agencies and research in travel venues should be content design, guided tours with, safety facilities and protection aspects of the characteristics of adolescent students, edutainment in the tour. Strengthen the international exchange of research travel, standardize and guide students to go abroad to carry out research and travel activities.



(16) to actively develop healthy tourism of Chinese medicine. The introduction of a number of traditional Chinese medicine to the theme of cultural transmission, rehabilitation rehabilitation medicine, health care, cultural experience in one of the Chinese health tourism demonstration products. In the conditional construction of Chinese medicine health tourism industry demonstration park, promote the Chinese medicine industry and the tourism market in-depth integration, innovation in the industry, mechanism reform, cluster development first try. Standardize the health tourism market of Chinese medicine, strengthen the industry standard-setting and quality supervision and management. Expand the overseas promotion of Chinese medicine health tourism, and promote the international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine health tourism, so that the traditional Chinese medicine culture through tourism to the world.


Fourth, the implementation of rural tourism promotion plan, open up tourism consumption space


(17) adhere to the rural tourism personalized, characteristic of the direction of development. Based on the characteristics of local resources and ecological environment, highlighting the ecological characteristics of rural life production, in-depth excavation of rural cultural connotation, development and construction of various forms, distinctive, distinctive rural tourism products, with local characteristics festivals. Focus on the protection of ethnic villages, the ancient village, the construction of a number of historical, geographical, national characteristics of the characteristics of the scenic tourist villages and towns, so that visitors can see the landscape, remember nostalgia, stay natives.


(18) To improve leisure agriculture and rural tourism facilities. Focus on strengthening the leisure agriculture and rural tourism characteristics of the village roads, electricity, drinking water, toilets, parking, garbage sewage treatment facilities, information networks and other infrastructure and public service facilities, to strengthen the relevant tourism and leisure facilities. By 2020, the country built more than 6,000 rural tourism model village, the formation of more than 100,000 leisure agriculture and rural tourism village, 3000000 farmhouse, rural tourism tourists more than 2 billion people, benefiting 50 million farmers.


(Nineteen) to carry out millions of rural tourism Chuangke action. Through the strengthening of policy guidance and professional training, three years to guide and support millions of migrant workers returning home, college graduates, professional and technical personnel through the implementation of rural tourism to achieve their own businesses. Encourage the cultural sector, the arts, science and technology professionals to play professional advantages and industry influence, in the conditions of the village to create business. By 2017, the national construction of a number of rural tourism demonstration base, a group of high standards of cultural and artistic tourism business in rural areas.


(20) Vigorously promote rural tourism to alleviate poverty. Strengthen the rural tourism poverty alleviation key village planning guidance, professional training, publicity and promotion efforts, organization of rural tourism planning poverty alleviation public welfare activities, the establishment of archives impoverished village to implement the whole village to support, in 2015 do a good job 560 stalls card Poverty Alleviation Rural Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project. By 2020, the country each year through rural tourism to drive 2 million rural poverty alleviation poverty; to support 6000 tourism poverty alleviation key village to carry out rural tourism, realize each key village rural tourism annual operating income reached 1000000 yuan.


Fifth, optimize the leave arrangements to stimulate tourism consumer demand


(21) the implementation of workers paid vacation system. People's governments at all levels should implement the system of paid leave of employees to be included in the agenda, formulate the implementation rules or implementation plans of paid vacation leave system, and do a good job in implementing them.


(Xxxi) Encourage peak-load break. In the stability of the national unity of the existing holidays under the premise of the units and enterprises according to their actual situation, will be paid holidays and local traditional festivals, local characteristics of the activities combined to arrange peak-shifting leave.


(23) to encourage flexible work and rest. Conditions of the local and units according to the actual situation, according to the law to optimize the adjustment of the summer schedule for staff and workers on Friday afternoon with the weekend to create a favorable leisure and vacation conditions.


Sixth, increase reform and innovation, tourism investment and consumption continue to grow


(24) to increase government support. Eligible areas to speed up the implementation of foreign tourists shopping departure tax rebate policy. The establishment of the China Tourism Industry Promotion Fund, to encourage qualified local governments to set up tourism industry promotion fund. Support enterprises through government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model investment, construction, operation of tourism projects. People's governments at all levels should increase support for tourism infrastructure and public service facilities such as key national tourist attractions, "one-way all the way" and the Yangtze River economic belt and other key tourist routes, concentrated eco-tourism development in poverty-stricken areas and poverty alleviation villages in rural tourism. . So that colorful tourism enrich the lives of the masses, help economic development.


(XXV) Implementation of the policy of differentiated tourism land for sea use. Priority is given to priority land and reclamation targets for tourism priority projects with high investment and good development prospects. The new construction land index will be given priority to the central and western regions, to support the central and western regions to use barren hills, wasteland, wasteland, abandoned mines, rocky desertification land development tourism projects. The coastal tourism and entertainment, bathing and other hydrophilic space development to give priority to protection.


(XXVI) to expand the financing channels for tourism enterprises. To support the listing of eligible tourism enterprises to encourage financial institutions in accordance with the risk control, business sustainability principles to increase the credit support for tourism enterprises. Actively develop tourism investment projects, asset securitization products, tourism projects to promote property rights and management rights trading platform. And actively guide the expected return is good, brand recognition of high tourism enterprises through the relevant toll collection, the right to operate arrived (quality) charge, etc. financing. Encourage the export of tourism equipment, increase the large-scale tourism equipment export credit support.


Office of the State Council

August 4, 2015