Labor Regulations

Postdate: 2016-11-09

The current labor standards, labor service fees, including:

Social insurance

housing fund

Temporary Residence Permit Fee for Migrant Workers in China (most areas have been discontinued)

Collection and Expenditure of Guangdong Province 's Arrears of Payroll Protection

Residence Permit Fee for Foreign Workers

Employment Adjustment Fee for Foreign Workers

Management fee for Chinese labor service in foreign representative offices


▲ Employment Adjustment for Foreign Workers:

The employment fee for employment of foreigners in China is RMB 150 yuan per person per month; the residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese each RMB 100.


▲ Office management fee:

Foreign labor service companies are required to collect labor management fees due to the fact that their labor contract formalities need to be entrusted to a labor company authorized by the labor bureau or a FESCO service company. Different regions vary:

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan ¥ 300 / month / person

Shenzhen (in response to different agencies different) ¥ 300-500 / month / person


▲ the remote labor permits temporary residence fee:

All local workers are required to apply for local temporary residence, in order to carry out household registration management. In response to different regions, the temporary residence permit of the compatibilizer fee is also different. Can be to the local Public Security Bureau inquiries.


▲ Labor export service fee:

The foreign economic cooperation enterprise shall charge the following corresponding service fees according to the different conditions of the labor export:

If the exporting laborers maintain labor contract with the original working organization during the dispatch period, the foreign economic cooperation enterprise may collect 25% of the labor contract salary, including the management fee and the handling fee. And the original working organization may draw the compensation fee from the service fee. The specific standard shall be agreed upon between the foreign economic cooperation enterprise and the original working organization.

In the case of laborers who have no employment agency or who have been divorced from labor contracts with the original work agency during dispatch, the service charge shall not exceed 12.5% of the labor contract salary.

For export labor with a labor contract with a foreign economic cooperation enterprise, the service fee charged by the foreign economic cooperation enterprise shall not exceed 25% of the labor contract wage.

The service fees charged by foreign economic cooperation enterprises shall, in principle, be collected one time before the expatriate laborers leave the country. If there are difficulties in one-off collection, the foreign economic cooperation enterprises and labor service personnel shall resolve the service fee.


▲ wage protection fee:

Guangdong Province, the provisions of the protection of wage arrears, each employer should pay an annual wage protection fee.


The payment of time for the first quarter of each year, the amount of payment for the month of the month minimum wage, is the enterprise to pay the local monthly minimum wage, no longer multiplied by the number of employees, that is, the minimum local work 1000 , Regardless of the number of enterprises each year, only to pay 1,000 yuan per year


After the first quarter of the new employer to start the next year to pay the employer to pay the arrears of wages in the cost of security payments.


▲ Other labor costs:

See the relevant section of this website.