Application of License Plate between China, Hong Kong and China

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Foreign-invested enterprises can apply for China-Hong Kong and China-Macao license plates in accordance with the amount of investment and the business needs. They may purchase cars or wagons from overseas or mainland China for the purpose of exercising China's Guangdong Province and Hong Kong and Macao.

At present, the application for the license plate conditions for the two places:

1. Foreign-invested enterprises that have registered and registered, including foreign-funded enterprises and three-to-one enterprises;

2, the total investment has reached the equivalent of 100 million US dollars;

3, one year has been paid corporate tax reached 300,000 yuan.

Attach the above conditions, you can apply to the local Public Security Traffic and Transportation Bureau, and ultimately by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Hong Kong Transport Summer heat, the approval of the registration. Generally the whole process takes about 18 months or so, and depending on the port of entry and exit, queuing time varies.