Service organization

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Business registration, there is no provision must be handled by the service agencies, in the enterprise resource permit under the premise can also be arranged by the enterprise within the administrative secretary of the department. But for the professional and efficient arrangements for the registration of affairs, the general commissioned by the professional intermediary service agencies to provide more appropriate.

At present, the intermediaries providing professional services for the industrial and commercial registration include:

- Certified Public Accountants (more comprehensive)

-law office

- Industrial and commercial registration office

- Other relevant business organizations

Although these organizations can provide the corresponding business registration services, but before making a commission, you must learn more about their previous operational experience, what successful experience and case, :

- The scope of registration services that can be provided

- Timing required

- Documentation and preparation required

- How much does the Government and related departments charge?

- What is the service charge for the intermediary?

- What are the precautions