Cancellation of registration

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Enterprises and other business organizations may apply for cancellation of registration in accordance with different circumstances, apply for deregistration through liquidation or liquidation procedures, complete the treatment of claims and debts as prescribed by law, and after the relevant tax and statutory fees are cleared, Of the cancellation procedures.

The cancellation of registration includes the cancellation of enterprise legal person and the registration of non-enterprise legal person, and the registration cancellation of enterprise legal person includes cancellation of operation expiration registration and early termination of contract or cancellation of business registration.

The deregistration is closely linked with the liquidation proceedings and is a special statutory proceeding which should be dealt with in accordance with the statutory rules. At the same time, in response to different business situations, it can be a business initiative to write off the registration, it may be the government regulatory authorities to write off the registration.

In the event that an enterprise is penalized by the relevant government regulatory authority for the illegal operation or violation of the law, the cancellation of its registration (including the revocation of its business license) is still required to complete its creditor's rights and debts in accordance with the liquidation procedures.