Annual foreign exchange

Postdate: 2016-11-09

According to foreign exchange regulations, foreign-invested enterprises must carry out foreign exchange annual inspection from January 1 to April 30 of each year. Enterprises must declare on schedule and pass the annual inspection in order to continue their foreign exchange procedures and foreign exchange business.


SAFE through foreign exchange annual inspection of foreign exchange registration is certified once a year, certified foreign exchange registration certificate for the effective foreign exchange registration certificate, the validity period is still 1 year.


Free trade zone foreign exchange annual inspection, should be April 30 each year, the "Bonded Zone Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate" and the relevant materials to the SAFE for certification procedures. Enterprises in the Free Trade Zones that have passed the annual inspection shall be allowed to handle the receipt and payment of foreign exchange funds at the financial institutions in the Bonded Zone through the Bonded Zone Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate, which is stamped with the seal of "Annual Inspection Qualified Seal", or go to the designated foreign exchange banks for foreign exchange settlement and sale. Enterprises in the bonded area that fail the annual inspection or fail to go through the formalities for overdue verification shall be subject to the approval of the SAFE for their foreign exchange expenditures or purchase of foreign exchange.


SAFE to the annual inspection of enterprises in the bonded area. The annual inspection includes:

- "Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate" for the situation

- Implementation of the obligations under the investment contract or the articles of association of a foreign - funded enterprise

- the opening and use of foreign exchange accounts

- Foreign exchange receipts and payments

- Trading of foreign exchange

- Foreign currency debt

- Report submission

- Other circumstances as prescribed by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange

For details of the foreign exchange annual inspection, please refer to the "Enterprise Annual Inspection" section of this website