legal liability

Postdate: 2016-11-09

In the event of a violation of the Fire Services Regulations, a penalty shall be imposed as follows:

- the occurrence of irregularities, supervision and inspection personnel ordered to make corrections on the spot, fill in the "order to correct the notice on the spot," ordered to correct the behavior of the deadline for correction issued by the "notice.

- Formed a major fire hazard issued "notice of major fire hazards deadline for rectification" issued within 3 days after the inspection, rectification deadline expired, its review, fill in the "review submissions." If the notice of rectification within a certain time limit is not implemented, the relevant personnel may be summoned according to law to issue a "Calling Evidence", and the summons shall not be complied with.

- If there is a serious fire hazard, it may be necessary to suspend, suspend, suspend, suspend business, confiscate the products and income, and fill out the "Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision" or "the spot" according to "Fire Law" or "Administrative Penalty Law" Punishment decision book ".

- fire hazard, according to the "Fire Law" Article 25 issued a "fire hazard rectification notice," do not change, in accordance with the "Fire Law" Article 43 shall be ordered to suspend production for rectification, suspend business for rectification according to "Administrative Punishment Act "Article 42 Enforcement. The parties to issue a hearing notice.

- the "order rectification notice" is not implemented, according to the law of economic penalties, to occupy the fire distance, plug the fire channel, take the trailer, removal, removal of obstacles and so on. If the "Notice of Rectification of Fire Hidden Dangers" is not implemented, a fine or suspension of production or business operation shall be imposed.

- If the notice of rectification is ordered to be suspended, the legal representative or the directly responsible person shall be subject to administrative detention, and the individual shall be fined 20,000 yuan or more or 50,000 yuan of legal person or above. Hearing right.