Regulatory norms

Postdate: 2016-11-09

Environmental regulatory norms, that is, the construction project environmental impact regulatory norms. The term "construction projects" includes new construction, alteration, expansion, relocation project, technical renovation project and regional development and construction project.

The environmental impact of the construction project, is in the construction process or after the completion, will produce waste water, waste gas, waste residue, dust, noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, radioactive substances, toxic and harmful substances, odor and other environmental quality construction projects And other construction projects that affect the natural ecological environment and land development projects such as river basins and other areas.


■ mainly include:

- Industrial construction;

- water conservancy project (including river regulation), Waihai (Jiang) land reclamation project;

- ports, terminals, airports, railways (including freight yard, marshalling yard), highways (including the adjustment of roads, urban viaducts, etc.), telecommunications engineering;

- dangerous goods, radioactive materials, chemical stores;

- Catering industry, slaughtering industry, hotels, entertainment venues, tourist areas;

- hospitals, nursing homes, teaching and research units of laboratories (plants), radio and television transmission facilities, film studios;

- urban sewage treatment plant, waste (waste) treatment plant (plant), urban environmental remediation works;

- the overall construction and specific projects of various development zones (including industrial zones) of land, river basins and new urban areas;

- Other projects with significant environmental impacts as determined by the State and the competent authorities of the State.


■ In the specific industry, can be divided into:

- Productive industrial projects

- Catering entertainment, hotels, hotels

- Municipal Engineering

- Hospitals, laboratories, film studios

- Radio, television, radio transmission facilities